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New Yamaha TF1 Desk arrives at Swooshed

Updated: May 13, 2021

Yamaha has always made it a mission to stay in touch with the needs of sound engineers worldwide, and now Yamaha has created a new digital mixing console that gives the user's intuition even freer rein. TouchFlow Operation™ introduced in the TF series consoles allows the user to respond with unprecedented speed and freedom, taking live sound reinforcement to a new level of refinement. With the TouchFlow Operation interface optimized for touch panel control, experienced engineers as well as newcomers to the field will find it easier than ever to achieve the ideal mix. Recallable D-PRE™ preamplifiers support sound quality that will satisfy the most discerning professional ears.

This desk has come at just the right time for Swooshed as we were looking for another desk to add to our current stock, and this fits right in. Its so easy to navigate around the menu’s and like all the Yamaha desks it’s an industry standard in the corporate events industry. It’s that simple to operate we even let a lighting technician have a go and he had it working in minutes!

Its small but powerful and can handle most situations with ease, so if you would like this desk on your next event just let us know.

Yamaha TF1 sound desk available to hire. We also stock other sound desks from Yamaha and other manufacturers
Yamaha Sound Desk


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