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  • Swooshed Team

Swooshed Awarded "A Pride Of Meltham Award"

Swooshed are delighted to be one of several people and business's who have been awarded for their volunteering services during the recent pandemic.

During 2020, communities up and down the country were placed under severe pressure by the coronavirus pandemic. Individuals and community groups stood together offering help, someone to talk to, a lifeline or a shoulder to cry on.

Meltham was no different and you played an important role in supporting friends, neighbours, and the wider community. Meltham Town Council is delighted to award you with a Pride of Meltham Award for standing tall and helping those more vulnerable in our community, through the community response.

As Mayor during the pandemic, please accept this award with my sincerest thanks. | wish you, your family and our community well as we begin our journey towards some sort of normality. My hope is that the community spirit you and others showed continues to shine as brightly as we move forward.

The pin badge has been beautifully designed by Claire Curran local resident, and artist.

Many thanks,

Cir Kate Buchanan

Town Mayor of Meltham 2019 - 2021

It was a pleasure to be able to help were we could, this Covid pandemic has brought this close-knit community even tighter together and the local response to help was astounding. We played just a small part in this big group of volunteers, who are still to this day supporting those in need. Special thanks must go to the organisers at for their quick response to set up and run the support networks that played a vital role in helping the most vulnerable in our area, and the tireless hours they have spent on this project to date.

It's been extremely hard for many people and business over the last year, and the effects will last for years to come, but with help of family and friends and our local community many great things will come from this. #strongertogether


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