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Updated: May 13, 2021

As global concern increases around COVID-19 virus, many conferences and events are being cancelled or postponed. However all is not lost. Ok, you can’t have all your team or customers together in person for your next leadership conference or product launch. But you can still get your message across with the use of live streaming, webinars, or recorded videos.

Virtual Events, working from home, filming presenters for live streams

Technically this is not a new concept and web streaming has been used successfully on events for many years. It’s simple to set up and can save time and money. With virtually any device and platform being able to receive live webcast streams it really does not matter where in the world your audience member is located. It’s up to you if you want to have one way or two way interaction with your audience, just let us know your requirements.


  • No danger of people passing or catching COVID-19 virus.

  • No expensive hotel or conference venue needed.

  • No delegate travel and accommodation costs.

  • Easy to setup.

  • If you want we can use your existing work platforms i.e Microsoft Teams, Skype, or other VC units.

  • The ability to PIP (picture in picture) your presentation slides or have live mix edited just like a TV show.

What’s to stop you? Don’t let your business slow down.

We have a wealth of experience in conference & events, live broadcast, streaming and video recording. Let us know if we can help keep your business operating as normal during this uncertain period.


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