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Virtual and Hybrid Events

Here at Swooshed, we've been producing and streaming interactive Virtual and 

Hybrid events, a long time before became they came so popular!

Fully Interactive Virtual Events

Using our remote live streaming studio and experienced event team, we seamlessly mix and produce everything for you, including all remote presenters, presentations, videos, music, graphic overlays and your audience into a TV style broadcast with customisable branding.

We have full control of everything allowing your presenters to relax and concentrate on delivering the important messages whilst giving the opportunity for your audience to interact and ask questions live and on camera in a fully managed two way environment.

Hybrid Virtual Events

Have all your presenters in one location but allow your audience to be remote? Then you need a hybrid virtual event!

For a hybrid event we bring all our equipment and technical team to a location of your choice.

Your hybrid venue can be anywhere including your offices, a hotel, a shop, a warehouse, a hybrid studio or even a tent in a field! It only needs to be large enough to accommodate your presenters and our team safely (which is often a smaller size than you think) and because your audience only see what we show them on camera, it really doesn't matter what the venue looks like, as we can make it look like a great!


The advantages of hybrid events are that your presenters get the normal 'in person' technical event support, whilst your audience can still interact safely from home or normal workplace. They are also cost efficient as you save on delegate travel costs, whilst still effectively engaging and delivering your key messages. 

Hybrid Events and Conferences, in any location, hotel, offices, or exhibition halls

Webinars and One Way Streaming

Sometimes you just need to quickly convey your messages in a simple one way event stream or webinar. Effective for monthly Townhall style meetings, training sessions, panel discussions and online launches where you want to broadcast to any sized audience (usually over 1,000 people) but do not require two way on-screen interaction with them.

Although this option is not as personal as our fully interactive packages, as you can not see your audience on screen, they can still send in their questions and participate via the chat functions or by using plugins such as Slido whilst being fully moderated and controlled by us.

As with all of our online event solutions, we are fully adaptable and can deliver these on multiple platforms including Zoom Meetings, Zoom Webinars, MS Teams, Teams Live and Vimeo to name a few, so we can be compliant with your IT infrastructure and security requirements. 

Webinars, and streaming to any location worldwide

Multiple Location Link Up Events

Hybrid events sometimes also include a local audience, but you may also want to link to other remote locations.

We have years of experience in producing multi location link up events across the UK, Europe, America and the rest of world and see this as a key feature of future events, especially with the need for reduced travel post 2020.

As well as being more eco friendly and cost effective, linking up multiple local events has the key advantage of bringing together each region to interact with other teams across the world for the plenary sessions and also allows them to host their own region specific conferences just like you would during breakout sessions at a full scale event, but in the comfort of their own location and time zone.

Interview Recording & On Demand Streaming

There are times where it is necessary to pre record some (or all!) of your content in advance. Perhaps you have a presenter or a panellist who can't make the event day, but you want to make them still look part of a live event.

Swooshed can provide onsite camera teams or fully remote recording and editing services, for all your virtual and hybrid events. 

You can even have your entire show pre recorded and edited together, ready to stream out either at a specified date and time or on demand!

We also provide full event recording and editing services including highlight videos capturing the key moments of your successful online event.

Making Virtual Events Fun

We know that in this day and age virtual events can sometimes become a little dull for your audience. The term Zoom fatigue really is a thing!


But it doesn't have to be that way and we have lots of tips and tricks to help make your online virtual and hybrid event both engaging

and fun for the presenters and your audience.


We also can offer suggestions of our partners to bring in online team building ideas or add in other theatrical elements

to make you your online event memorable and engaging.

Whether you are organising a small virtual meeting or a full hybrid event with streaming requirements, 

we’ve got the solutions and the experience to help, so just get in touch.

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