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Swooshed Expand Infrastructure.

Updated: May 13, 2021

This month Swooshed has doubled the size of it's warehouse facility in Huddersfield. The move comes after year on year continual growth within the company and the continual investment in equipment. Director Mike Lindsay reflects on the past year saying, "We have had a great year which has allowed us to invest heavily in new equipment which will give us greater opportunities in the industry"

This month we have doubled the size of our warehouse facility in Huddersfield. Allowing us to increase our audio visual hire equipment.

However, with the new investments, lack of space was becoming an issue. But luck was on our side, as the unit next door became available, allowing us to take over this extra space without any business disruption. The new space gives Swooshed a great base for the future, with the ability to grow further but also to have space to design and prepare detailed elements of jobs in-house.


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