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Advanced Offsite Virtual Event Streaming Package

Updated: May 13, 2021


This package is based on a full day, online two way interactive virtual conference with all the presenters (and the audience of course!) at their own remote locations using their own equipment (laptop, webcam and microphone).

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Virtual Events

For this option, we use multiple video calls in the background to individually bring in the main host, the co hosts and all the panelists to our remote mixing studio. We prefer to use Zoom, but if required we can also adapt and utilise other existing video conference platforms that your corporate IT systems allow you access to such Microsoft Teams, Skype, Webex, Blue Jeans etc.

Rather than just a one-way webinar style stream, for this package we broadcast our professionally mixed output to a separate HD Zoom call which all the audience attends as participants. This not only allows for full two-way interaction between the audience and presenters but also opens up the use of the existing functionalities within Zoom to facilitate chat, group breakout rooms and competitive team building ideas.

We remotely manage all the incoming video call feeds and mix in your PowerPoint, Videos, Music Stings and ambient sounds giving your audience a professional, engaging and interactive online event. Just like a traditional conference we will control and manage everything technically in the background, allowing your presenters to solely concentrate on delivering your messages. We overlay everything onto a customised branded background and utilise Picture In Picture (also known as PIP's) to show multiple presenters and content on screen at the same time as well as adding animated name slides and lower thirds as the finishing touches.

This two-way fully interactive virtual conference package is a perfect cost effective solution to engage with a wide remote audience. Plus as all participants and presenters remain in their own remote locations, it minimises the risk of any last minute event cancellations due to ever changing social distancing rules and local lock downs.

Extra's included making it cost effective

We want you to look and feel your best, so we include some little extra's like name titles, animated logos and ambient background sounds already in this package price. Plus we will record this stream locally in full HD and provide a copy on the cloud for easy viewing after the event.

What do you get?

  • Remote video mixer for seamless mixing of all sources, PIP's and backgrounds

  • Remote inputs for all PowerPoint/Video/Music and ambient sound playback

  • Hosting of all incoming and outgoing Zoom calls (with HD audience broadcast)

  • Customised branded background

  • Name Titles and Lower Third overlays

  • Full offsite technical production and support

Excludes (but can be added at additional cost):

Closed captions or BSL interpreter overlay, any onsite equipment or remote site internet costs (requires high speed hard wired line).

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